Wrong Way on a One-way Street or Rotary Traffic Island

Wrong Way on a One-way Street or Rotary Traffic Island Lawyer

Most people find themselves traveling wrong way on a one-way street or rotary traffic island unintentionally. If you remember driving in downtown Seattle for the first time, you probably remember how confusing the streets are. Many drivers often find themselves facing the wrong direction on one-way streets. Some drivers find themselves on the wrong side of a rotary traffic island. If that is you, and you came to this site, then you probably already know that this violation comes with a hefty ticket. Unfortunately, we have more bad news for you. The real punishment is the increased insurance premiums that will come if the court finds that you committed this infraction.

The statute requires drivers to drive only in the direction designated by official traffic control devices. Surprise, surprise! Driving around rotary traffic islands may not be so clear. Especially in some small Seattle neighborhoods where the islands are tiny. But here it is: a vehicle passing around a rotary traffic island must be driven only to the right of the island.

Now here is the real question:

How Much will a Wrong Way on a One-way Street or Rotary Traffic Island Cost?

Well…a lot more than the fine you see on the face of the ticket. This ticket is a moving violation. This means that it will go on your driving record and will remain there for three years. Because it is a moving violation, it will also cost you in creased insurance premiums. And, you guessed it, the higher insurance premiums will remain that way for the next three years.

So by the time it is all said and done, you are looking in thousands of dollars in increased insurance premiums. It is a much cheaper to retain an attorney.

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