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This is one of those “not only am I a speeding too fast for conditions ticket lawyer, but I’m also a client.” I used to get speeding tickets all the time. Although I never had a Speed too Fast for Conditions tickets.

Not that I was a bad driver. I was just so busy that I was always late. So I know first-hand that Speeding tickets can be a huge hassle. Before I figured out all the tricks of a speeding too fast for conditions ticket lawyer, I used to just pay them. Now I just beat them of course. So. As a former speed-ticket-payer and a current speeding too fast for conditions ticket lawyer my advice to you is simple. Do not pay your speeding ticket! Contest it!

Speeding is way too common in Washington State. Particularly if you live in Seattle or on the East Side. You almost cannot go a day in Bellevue or Kirkland without seeing some driver zoom right by you. Everybody is just so busy these days. And everybody is in a hurry.

RCW 46.61.400 is the statute that governs Speed too Fast for Conditions ticket. Basically, a driver may not drive faster than the speed that is reasonable under the circumstances. So a driver may get a Speed too Fast for Conditions ticket even if he or she was driving below the posted limit. Examples of conditions includes icy roads, slower traffic, and other hazards.

Law enforcement officers typically issue these tickets to drivers involved in an accident. The problem is that there is no objective method of determining a safe speed under conditions. So these tickets are very subjective.

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Every competent speed too fast for conditions lawyer has a way of dealing with speeding tickets. There are several defenses available for speed too fast for conditions violations. First, the defense we hinted at above. A good speed too fast for conditions ticket lawyer will argue that the officer wrongfully concluded that the driver’s speed was not safe for conditions. Officers make these mistakes quite often. Especially in cases involving car accidents. Officers will wrongfully conclude that just because the driver caused an accident, the driver was driving too fast for conditions. Any competent speed too fast for conditions ticket lawyer will tell you that this is based on flawed logic. There could be many reasons other than speeding which caused the accident.

There are a handful of other good defenses for speeding too fast for conditions. It would be tough to discuss them all here because most defenses are case and fact specific. But rest assured that speed too fast for conditions ticket lawyers who have handled enough of these see will come up with a defense for your case.


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