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Defending HOV and Carpool Violations

HOV/Carpool lane means High Occupancy Vehicle lane. HOV/Carpool lane is a restricted lane to be used by drivers with passengers during peak hours. In most parts of Washington the lane is reserved for 2 or more occupants. In some areas, however, it for 3 or more occupants.

Washington State enacted HOV/Carpool lane law (RCW 46.61.145) to encourage people to carpool together. That is why the HOV/Carpool lane is better known as carpool lane. The government’s goal was to decrease traffic congestion and reduce air pollution levels.

Any single driver who uses the HOV/Carpool lane will be penalized. One of the myths surrounding HOV/Carpool lanes in Washington State is that drivers are allowed to briefly use the HOV/Carpool lane to pass slowing-moving vehicles. That is not true. Using the HOV/Carpool lane, however, briefly will result in HOV penalty. If you received a HON lane ticket, contact a Washington State HOV/Carpool lane ticket lawyer today.


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HOV/Carpool Lane Penalties

Drivers caught driving in the HOV/Carpool lane will receive a $124 ticket. At first $124 may not seem like a large fine and paying the ticket would seem like an easier choice. But not so fast.

HOV/Carpool lane violation is a moving ticket. It will remain on your driving record for three years. Insurance companies determine your premiums based on your driving record. So for three years your premiums will be higher because of your HOV/Carpool lane violation. By the time it goes off your driving record, you would have spent close to $1,000. That is four times more than our attorney fee for a Washington State HOV/Carpool lane ticket lawyer.




Defending HOV/Carpool Lane Tickets in King, Pierce, and Snohomish Counties

At Community Law Firm, PLLC, our Washington State HOV/Carpool lane ticket lawyers represent clients in King County, Pierce, and Snohomish Counties.

King County: Bellevue HOV Lane Violation Bothell HOV Lane Violation • Clyde Hill HOV Lane Violation • Hunts Point HOV Lane Violation • Issaquah HOV Lane Violatin • Kent HOV Lane Violation • Kirkland HOV Lane Violatino Medina HOV Lane Violation Mercer Island HOV Lane Violation • Redmond HOV Lane Violation • Seattle HOV Lane Violation • Yarrow Point HOV Lane Violation.

Pierce County: Tacoma HOV Lane Violation.

Snohomish County: Everett HOV Lane Violation • Lynnwood HOV Lane Violation.


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