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Franklin County Traffic Lawyer

Did you know that you can actually fight the speeding ticket you got in Franklin County? A countless number of tickets are issued per day, and a lot of people think it just is what it is. But guess what? There are ways around it!

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The first question you might have is, “Why would I want to fight it in the first place? It’s just a ticket, right?” Wrong. A ticket is more than a small fine and a slap on the wrist. It affects your insurance premiums quite a bit, as well as marks your driving record in a negative way. It could cost you a good amount of money in the long run, and jeopardize your license, depending on your previous record. Too many speeding tickets in a short time could suspend your license. If you have had one or two in the last year, you may want to think about finding out how to get rid of this one. Your Franklin County speeding ticket attorney knows how much of a big deal it is for you to admit guilt on this, even if you don’t. The thing is, there are many ways to fight a speeding ticket. Was the radar gun working correctly? Was it serviced recently? How about the officer? Was he correct in his procedures? There are many things that go into a ticket, more than most people know. But the more things involved, the more that can go wrong. Your lawyer knows this, and will do everything possible to make sure Franklin County doesn’t get a fee out of you just for being a little late to work.

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Does your job involve driving? If so, you may want to heavily consider fighting it. There are many rules if you have a CDL or even just a small work truck job that, depending on the severity of the ticket, you could be losing your job because of it. Speaking of work, doesn’t fighting it mean that you have to go to court and not be able to go into work? Your boss will not like you missing work. Well, the beauty of traffic tickets is a lawyer can represent you on your behalf. That means that you will not have to face a judge at all. The Franklin County court will run your case, your speeding ticket attorney will fight for you, and you don’t even have to be present. Just go about your day, go to work, and know your lawyer is taking care of you. If you win, your record now is clear and you have the same insurance premiums. So, to recap, you save money in the long run, you don’t have a new ticket on your record, you don’t have raised insurance, and you don’t have to even be in the court to fight it. Sounds like it’s an easy decision on what you need to do.

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We Also Handle the Following Tickets:

  • Disobeying Road Sign
  • Disobeying Signalman, Officer, Firefighter, or School Patrol
  • Driving on the Wrong Side of the Road
  • Driving with Wheels off Roadway
  • Failure to Dim Lights
  • Failure to Keep to the Right
  • Failure to Maintain Control
  • Failure to Signal or Improper Signal
  • Failure to Stop
  • Failure to Yield
  • Following too Closely
  • HOV/Carpool Lane Violation
  • Impeding Traffic
  • Improper Lane Change or Travel
  • Improper Turn
  • Negligent Driving 2nd Degree
  • Prohibited Turn
  • Speed in Excess of Maximum Limit
  • Speed too Fast for Conditions
  • Speeding in a School Zone
  • Straddling or Driving Over Centerline
  • Wrong Way on a One-way Street or Rotary Traffic Island

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