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Following too Closely Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Following too closely tickets are governed by RCW 46.61.145. The statute is confusing because it does not provide a concrete definition for key terms. That is also a problem because it leaves a lot to officer’s discretion.

In short, the following too closely statute states that a driver cannot follow another driver “more closely than is reasonable and prudent, having due regard for the speed of such vehicles and the traffic upon and the condition of the highway.”

What does that mean to non-following too closely ticket defense lawyer? It means that drivers must keep reasonable distance between them and the driver in front of them. What is reasonable should be determined by the speed of both vehicles, the speed of the traffic around them, and other conditions on the highway.

We are following too closely ticket defense lawyers. But we are also your typical drivers. The way I  measure “reasonable following distance” when I am driving is this. I ask myself “if the person in front of me slams on their breaks, will I have sufficient time to stop?” I learned this in my high school driver’s education class. Obviously I still use it today. Credit to Mr. Fox for that.

Following too closely tickets usually come up in read-end collision incidents. The responding officer will conclude that the accident would not have happened had the following-driver was not following too closely.

If this happened to you, you should definitely call a following too closely ticket defense lawyer.

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Following too Closely Ticket Costs

Following too closely tickets can get very expensive. First, you have the penalty for the ticket itself. Second, they look horrible on your driving record. Insurance companies know that following too closely often lead to rear-end collisions which result in injuries to non-fault drivers. And that costs insurance companies a lot of money.

Moving violations go on your driving record and remain there for three years. A following too closely ticket will impact your insurance premium for three years. This could lead to total costs exceeding $1,000. A lot more than our attorney fee for traffic tickets.

So if you got a following too closely ticket you should seriously consider speaking to a following too closely ticket defense lawyer.



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