Traffic Attorney Defending Equipment Violations for CDL Drivers

Equipment Violations Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Washington State traffic ticket courts see equipment violations infractions all the time. Your car consists of many different parts that play a role in your safety and in the safety of others. That is why our legislature enacted several laws to make sure that drivers operate cars with working equipment. You can find a list of all equipment violations traffic statutes here. We must warn you though, it will take lots of searching to find them all.

Often drivers are not aware of their defective equipment. Equipment can become defective as part of normal wear and tear. If the driver is not inspecting the vehicle daily, it is easy to miss the the broken equipment. Unfortunately, a driver does not have to know about the problem with the equipment in order to get the equipment violations traffic ticket.

Only until recently did car manufacturers start adding sensors to alert drivers of malfunctions with their equipment. For drivers of older vehicles, it is easier to get equipment violations traffic ticket. Possibly with no knowledge of the problem at all. That is why it is important to hire a equipment violations traffic ticket defense lawyer. Most of the time an equipment violations traffic ticket defense lawyer may be what is standing between a clear driving record and having equipment violations traffic ticket on your record.

The worst part about equipment violations traffic tickets is that they often lead to other traffic infractions. Or even worse, to an arrest. Here is a true story that happened to one of our clients. Client went on a date with his “lady friend.” His words, not ours. This is where you know the story will go bad. They had a few drinks and had a wonderful time. On the way home, Client is pulled over for a missing break light. During the course of the traffic stop, the officer smells alcohol. He asks a few questions, administers field sobriety test (which you should always decline by the way). And the Client is arrested for DUI. Then, the client needs a lot more help than just an equipment violations traffic ticket defense lawyer.


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