Defending Tickets for Disobeying Signalman, Officer, Firefighter, School Patrol

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Disobeying Signalman, Officer, Firefighter, or School Patrol

A ticket for disobeying a signalman, officer, firefighters, or a school patrol does not need much explanation. Though one thing is for certain, it will cost you!

The good news is you came to the right place. Our traffic defense attorney is here to defend you against the ticket for disobeying signalman, officer, firefighter, or school patrol. Call our defense lawyer today for help!

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The REAL Cost of Disobeying Signalman, Officer, Firefighter, or School Patrol Ticket

The REAL cost of the infraction is not what you see on the face of the ticket. The real cost of the ticket comes once your insurance will find out about the infraction. Your insurance company checks your driving record when it is time to renew your policy. If you fail to contest your ticket, it will show up on your driving record.

A simple ticket will cost you in higher insurance premiums by about $20-30 per month. And, since a ticket will remain on your driving record for three years, you can expect to pay higher insurance rates for that long. If you do the math, a simple ticket will cost you thousands in higher insurance premium.

Also, a ticket can put your driving privileges at risk. In Washington State, a person will be placed on probation if he or she received 4 moving violations within 12-month period or 5 moving violations within 24-month period. If the person violates their probation and receives even one ticket during that period, their driving privileges will be suspended as a result. And who wants to deal with that headache?

It is much simpler to call a traffic lawyer to keep this ticket off your record!


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