Traffic Lawyer Defending Disobeying Road Sign Infractions

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Disobeying Road Sign Lawyer

Disobeying Road Sign ticket is governed by RCWs 46.61.050, .070, and .450. If you take the time to read the statutes, you will find them to be very confusing. They fail to define key terms. The biggest problem is that the statutes are extremely broad and leave a lot to law enforcement officer’s interpretation. That means an officer has broad discretion in issuing a person a ticket for disobeying a road sign.

As traffic lawyers in Washington, we have seen officers issue these tickets to drivers for being in HOV lanes, making a turn where one was prohibited, and the list goes on.

What does this mean to somebody who is not a licensed attorney? It means that drivers must follow all signs. That, of course, is easy to say. If you are reading this page, you probably found yourself violating a Disobeying a Road Sign statute and need a traffic lawyer to help you fight this violation and keep your driving record clean.

The good news is you came to the right place. Our disobeying road sign lawyer is here to help you keep a clean driving record!

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The REAL Cost of Disobeying Road Sign Ticket

The REAL cost of your ticket goes far beyond than what you see on the face of the ticket. Obviously you have the penalty that is the fine on the ticket itself. Second, insurance companies know that a driver who is fails to obey traffic signs is a high risk to the insurance company. For that reason, the insurance company will skyrocket your insurance premium if you end up with this ticket on your record.

This ticket, as well as any other moving violation, will remain on a driver’s record for three years. That means that one ticket will cost you an arm and a leg for three years. Yes, three years!

On average, one ticket will cost you around $20-30 in higher monthly premiums. So by the time the ticket is off your record three years later, you would have paid more than $1,000 for one ticket. Who wants to do that when a lawyer will cost you only $200?

So if you made a simple mistake and did not notice a sign, you should call us as soon as possible! Our attorney fee is very competitive with other high-end lawyers in the area and is much-much lower than what the ticket will cost you in the long run!


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