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Any knowledgeable CDL ticket lawyer will give you this simple advice. When it comes to CDL holders and traffic infractions: you cannot afford to pay your ticket!

Your commercial drivers license took a lot of time and hard work. More importantly, it is not just your license. It is your livelihood. That is why you need to speak to a CDL lawyer as soon as possible if you received a traffic ticket.

As any CDL ticket lawyer knows, commercial drivers are not treated as regular drivers. First, there are many traffic infractions that apply only to commercial drivers. Second, as any reputable CDL ticket lawyer knows, it is nearly impossible to get the court to reduce traffic infractions to non-moving violations for commercial drivers.

CDL holders are also not eligible for deferred finding. So if you are a commercial drivers license holder and you receiving a traffic ticket, you need to speak to a CDL ticket lawyer right away.


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CDL Ticket Lawyer: Logbook Violations

If you ask any CDL ticket lawyer, you will probably learn that logbook violation is the most common traffic citation among commercial truck drivers.

Because as a holder of a Commercial Driver’s License, you are required to record in your commercial driver’s logbook your status every 24 hours. You are also required to keep the logbook in your possession. And it must be available for inspection whenever you are on duty.

Under RCW 46.32.010, Washington State law enforcement officials may routinely inspect the commercial vehicles driven by commercial drivers. This allows the law enforcement officials to inspect your logbook, the vehicle’s equipment, hours of service, and your qualifications at any time.

If your logbook is not available for inspection upon the officer’s request, you will be cited with a ticket which comes with a hefty fine. In addition, the logbook violation will impact your CDL. In turn, your livelihood. That is why we encourage you to speak to a CDL ticket lawyer right away.

Many commercial truck drivers get tickets for logbook violations. This is the case even when the driver’s logbook is available for inspection and accurately reflects the driver’s hours.

Some Washington State law enforcement officers cite truck drivers for falsifying logbooks based on nothing more than the officer’s opinion. Some officer will (inaccurately) attempt to conclude that the the commercial truck driver could not have made it from one city to another in the time indicated in the logbook. This is ridiculous. There are numerous factors that could impact how long it takes the truck driver to get from one city to another.

The good news is that an experienced attorney can defend these ridiculous citations. We encourage you to call call us or e-mail us immediately to discuss your case.

As you may already know, these citations, however bogus, can affect your CDL and, in turn, your livelihood. Therefore, it is important to have the right attorney on your side defending you against allegations that lack merit.


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