Uncontested Divorce

Uncontested divorces in Washington are frequently referred to as basic, or quick and easy, divorces. An uncontested divorce happens when the husband and wife concur on all issues needed to decisively and successfully end their marriage, leaving nothing that is contested or uncertain, like assets, debts, or custody of any children. Being able to solve any divorce-related issues privately can be beneficial to both the speed and outcome of the divorce.

There should be less need for legal intrusion since all decisions are already made. While this is true, it is still advisable to have legal counsel on your side, due to any unforeseen issues that may pop up. Plus, having a legal team behind you can help to deter any childish issues that may pop up with your spouse, as often happens in the emotional setting of a divorce. Most couples in Washington would likely communicate an inclination for uncontested divorce due to its speed, effortlessness, comfort, protection, affordability, and reasonableness. Because an uncontested divorce can be so affordable, it is usually preferred by any husband and wife, especially because many couples divorce due to financial issues. While an uncontested divorce is often amicable and a legal representative is not always necessary, it is still a good idea to have one for paperwork reasons if nothing else. Also, make sure that you understand that even though an uncontested divorce can seem easy, any party involved in the proceedings can still file a complaint or petition even if they don’t have legal counsel. So, protect yourself from any issues by obtaining a Washington divorce attorney for yourself.

If an uncontested divorce in Washington does involve children amongst the husband and wife, there usually is still a need to involve the court for child custody issues. Usually, one parent is given full custody and child support, and these things will still need to be recorded legally as to avoid any issues in the future. This is usually where an uncontested divorce can be become contested. Because a spouse who has to relinquish more time with their children can sometimes become emotional about it when the time comes to record it in the court. They will be able to object and then it becomes a contested divorce.

Whether you are able to continue with an uncontested divorce and resolve everything easily and amicably, or you end up with a contested divorce and need more assistance than you originally thought, our educated team of legal counsel is ready to help. Call us today at 206-771-434 for our Seattle office, or 425-551-8075 for Bellevue.

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