Parenting Plan Modifications

The state of Washington has laws and regulations when it comes to parenting plans, and that includes modifications. Often parents will come up with an agreement on their own, but in some cases, this is just not feasible so they go to court to get legal help on making the parenting plan work for both parties, with the best interest of the child or children in mind. Once a final order for a parenting plan is made, it must be abided by until you petition the court to make a modification.

Modifying an Existing Parenting Plan

In most cases, once a parenting plan is ordered by a court in the state of Washington, they will want to keep it the way it is. Usually, several factors are taken into account when developing a parenting plan, that it will take some convincing for the courts to be willing to modify it and impact the child or children's lives. To modify a parenting plan in place, you have to be able to prove that there has been a significant change that should impact the plan. Some of these circumstances could include a move, behavior problems, or change in the home environment that is impactful to name a few.

Our team of parenting plan modification lawyers can help you with the petition to modify, and also walk through your situation with you to help determine if this is even an option. There are both minor and major modifications and depending on the severity of the change, it can prove to be difficult. For this reason, you should have an attorney on your side every step of the way.

Minor and Major Modifications

A minor modification is for a change that will impact 24 days or less. If the modification will impact more than 24 days then it will be considered a major modification. Once you petition the court for modification and provide your evidence of significant change, they will take it all into consideration, still keeping the child's best interest front and center.

Children are the most important thing to parents, and our team of educated attorneys understands this. We know that you have already been put through the difficult task of going through a divorce and making a parenting plan, so if you require a modification, we understand that it is likely for a good reason. Our attorneys are caring and will do everything in their power to fight for the best interest of your children.

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