Child Support

According to the laws in the state of Washington, both parents are needed to offer monetary help for their children. The level of income for each parent is taken into account when determining child support, and can be revisited and revised throughout the years.

Deciding the Sum

Deciding child support can be difficult and, in some cases, troublesome. The state laws don’t generally help in figuring out what sum is fitting. Generally, support for children depends on the consolidated pay of the two guardians. However, if one parent is unemployed or makes an amount that is significantly less, it may not be fair for the child support levels to be half and half.

If a parent is jobless or does not make nearly the same as the other, the salary might be imputed by the court per Washington State law. It is critical that both parents provide as much information about their incomes as possible. If there are side jobs, self-employment income, or even seasonal income this should all be reported so that the courts can have a clear picture of both income levels and make a determination that is fair to both parents, as well as the child.

All Income

All sources of income have to be shown to the court, so be prepared to show it all. You will have to complete some paperwork and, of course, show proof of the income. If there is a new spouse on either side, their incomes can actually be considered as well, so keep this in mind when creating expectations.

Once an amount is determined an order will be made, and if all goes well the spouse that is ordered to pay will. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, but having a trusted team of child support lawyers like Community Law PLC will help to ensure that the order is followed. Also, if income levels change on either side or a new spouse comes along, you can petition the court to have the child support amount changed. Either side can do this based on income level changes.

Temporary Order

If for any reason the case stays pending for a while, there can be a temporary order that determines an amount until the final amount is officially determined. This ensures that the child or children are properly cared for, and do not suffer due to the inability to come to an agreement or determination quickly.

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