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This page is designed to provide drivers with information about arrests that took place in the city of Redmond, Washington. For more information about Driving Under the Influence charges please visit our home page.

Charged with Drunk Driving in Redmond? 

Drivers who were arrested for Drunk Driving by Redmond Police Department within the city limits of Redmond, Washington, can expect their case to be handled in the King County District Court – Redmond Facility.

In most cases, Redmond police officers will release drivers after the arrest for DUI has occurred. In certain cases, depending on the driver’s past criminal history and the circumstances of the arrest, the arresting officer may elect to book the driver into the King County Jail.

After the arrest, the arresting officer will submit his or her report and supporting documents to the prosecutor’s office. The prosecutor’s office will review the officer’s report and will file charges with the court.

If the driver was not given a court date at the time of arrest, he or she should expect a notice of the hearing in the mail.

If you or someone you know was arrested for DUI in Redmond, Washington, do not wait to speak to a Redmond DUI lawyer.

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When should I expect the charges to be filed?

The prosecutors in Redmond typically file charges within three to six weeks after the arrest. Some cases can take longer depending on the circumstances of the case, number of witnesses involved, etc. Keep in mind that the prosecutor’s office has up to two years from the time of the arrest to file DUI charges.

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What should I expect at my first hearing?

Your first hearing will be your arraignment hearing. It is the first step in the court process. At the arraignment hearing the prosecutor will formally charge you with the crime and the court will ask you how to plea to the charge. Also, the judge will go over your constitutional rights and will inquire whether you plan on hiring an attorney.

Depending on individual defendant’s circumstances at the time of arraignment, the court may address bail, release conditions, and travel restrictions.

Experienced Redmond DUI lawyer on your side

If you or someone you know was arrested for DUI in Redmond, Washington, you need the help of an experienced Redmond DUI lawyer right away. Defending drunk driving cases in King County courts is as difficult as it has ever been. So it is imperative that you have the right defense lawyer on your side.

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