LIDAR Speeding Ticket Lawyer | Information on LIDAR Units (Washington State)

Understanding your LIDAR Washington Speeding Ticket

This article is discuss the basics of LIDAR units in relation to speeding tickets in Washington State.

Do not confuse LIDAR unit with a RADAR unit. Both are used by law enforcement to measure speeds. RADAR units work by emitting and receiving radio frequencies. LIDAR, on the other hand, is what most people call a “laser gun.” LIDAR units are also more accurate, so a LIDAR Washington State speeding ticket is harder to beat than a RADAR Washington State speeding ticket.

RADAR works by “pointing” a laser, thin pin-point beam on to the target car. The laser bounces off the moving car and returns back to the LIDAR unit. Then the unit calculates the speed of the target vehicle. Like RADAR units, LIDAR units can operate in moving and stationary modes.

It is said that the LIDAR units are more accurate than the RADAR units. There are several reasons. First, the LIDAR uses a laser beam instead of radio waves. Laser beam is narrower than the radio waves, so it can be more precisely aimed at target vehicles. Radio waves are more likely to measure the speeds of near-by cars than the laser beam.

However, there are still ways to beat your LIDAR Washington State speeding ticket.

LIDAR units have to be operated by a trained and qualified operator. It is a scientific device and must be properly operated in order to provide an accurate reading. If the LIDAR unit is not operated correctly, the unit may produce an inaccurate reading.

LIDAR units must be accurate at the time of the reading. For the court to know that the unit was accurate at the time of the reading, the officer must test the unit before and after his or her shift.

Additionally, radio frequencies can often interfere with LIDAR readings. If there was radio frequency present during the reading, the reading may be inaccurate. Other issues, such as fan noise, can cause an inaccurate reading. Lastly, the target vehicle must isolated and the only vehicle in the beam. Otherwise, the law enforcement officer may not be getting the proper reading on the proper vehicle.

The information above is designed to provide readers with the basics of LIDAR units. There are many other ways to challenge a LIDAR Washington State speeding ticket. The best way to beat your LIDAR Washington State speeding ticket to hire a competent traffic attorney.

If you received a LIDAR speeding ticket be sure to call our Seattle traffic lawyers.

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