One Way to Beat a Speeding Ticket in Seattle

How to beat your Seattle speeding ticket?



Peoples always wonder how Seattle traffic attorneys beat speeding tickets. The answer to that question is not simple. To successfully defend speeding tickets in Seattle, speeding ticket attorney must understand not only the local traffic laws, but also the speed measuring devices and how they are operated. They must also understand the procedural rules that courts must follow.

You see, courts must follow rules too. If they do not, you can get your ticket dismissed. However, the court will not just admit to their mistake and dismiss the ticket for you. You have to catch the court’s mistake and make a motion (asking the court) to dismiss based on its mistake.

That is why it is important to have a Seattle speeding ticket lawyer handle your speeding ticket for you.

But some people insist on fighting their Seattle speeding tickets on their own. If you want to try, here is one way to potentially beat your speeding ticket in Seattle.

If you contest your speeding ticket, the rules require that the court schedule a hearing not less than 14 days from the date the court sends your written notice. And, the hearing date must be no more than 120 days from the date of the notice of infraction.

Also, if the court does not send a written notice of your hearing within 21 days of receiving your request for a contested hearing, the court must dismiss your ticket if you are able to show that you were prejudiced by the delay.

Keep in mind that the court will not look for their own error. And if they do find it, they will not dismiss your ticket for you. You will have to find their mistake and motion the court to dismiss the ticket.

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