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If you found this page of our DUI website, you probably just got arrested for DUI and now sitting in the BAC room. The officer will ask you questions contained in the “DUI Packet.” These questions include things like “How much did you have to drink tonight?” “Where were you coming from?” “Where were you going?” “Without looking at your watch, do you know what time it is?”

It is important that you understand that these questions are voluntary and you do not have to answer them. And most Seattle DUI attorneys will agree that you should not answer them. You can simply decline.

Another thing that will happen in the BAC room is the arresting officer will measure your blood alcohol concentration by having you blow into the BAC machine. We recommend that you do submit to the BAC test. Otherwise, you will face harsher penalties for refusing to perform the BAC test. Another option is to request a blood draw (instead of submitting to the BAC test).

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